Solving the World's Most Complex Problems Through
Knowledge Engineering

The Vaticle Community Comes Alive at Orbit 2021

  • Meet the Pioneers: the inventors, the innovators and the rule breakers.
  • Look into the Future: explore the applications of knowledge engineering pushing the boundary of intelligent systems.
  • Be Inspired: empower yourself with the wisdom, ideas, and technology to build a better future. Together.
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Orbit 2021
April 21st-22nd

Highlights from Cosmos London, Feb 6-7th 2020

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Meet the Vaticle Pioneers

We're thrilled to have this incredibly talented group of community members sharing their work with the world. While this is just a few of the speakers, panelists, and moderators confirmed, check back as we announce more sessions.

Dixit Shah

Managing Consultant

Henning Kuich

Sr. Computational Scientist

Konrad Myśliwiec

Data Scientist Engineer

Jean-Paul Mochet

Chief Enterprise Architect

Ram Anvesh

Software Engineer

Anthony Finbow


Ashleigh Faith - Grakn Orbit Moderator

Ashleigh Faith

Dir. Knowledge Graph

David Dylus

Scientist, Systems Biology

David Richards

Founder, CEO

Zisis Kozlakidis

Head of Lab Services

Alex Walker


Banjo Obayomi Grakn Orbit Speaker

Banjo Obayomi

Sr. Research Engineer

Brett Forbes Grakn Orbit Speaker

Brett Forbes


Chayan Asli

Founder, CEO

Daniel Howard


Ellie Young

Head of Community

Frédéric Corral

Business Analyst R&D

Ganeshwara Hananda

Lead Engineer

Gunnar Kleemann

Principal Data Scientist

Helmut Bruckler

Chief Visionary

Hiren Umradia


Haikal Pribadi

Founder & CEO

James Fletcher

Principal Scientist

Jeff Dagliesh

VP Product

Jon Thompson

Data Scientist

Joris Sijs

Sr. Research Lead

Joshua Send


Mark Kitson

Management Consultant

Mark Schulze

Engineer, Legal Tech

Maydan Wienreb

VP of R&D

Michael Seidel


Nik Sharma

Founder, CEO

Peter Zhegin

Venture Partner

Philip Carnelley

Research Director

Philip Howard

Research Director

Tomás Sabat